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tdc speedtest (January 22, 2019 2:00:17 am)
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Patrickgrace (January 8, 2019 4:23:06 am)
Happy new 2019 year and merry christmas! With best regards!
Wonky Willy (December 16, 2018 7:01:54 pm)
Grandpa Joe must be banned from factory
Adolf hitler (December 5, 2018 10:00:49 pm)
I love this man, he's really making me look good.
Jerry Temporary (November 19, 2018 11:06:33 am)
finally!! ive been telling people this stuff for years and no one ever believes me. keep fighting the good fight, brothers!!
Charlie Bucket (November 16, 2018 10:59:18 am)
Grandpa Joe is a scumbag. He mentally and physically abused me for as long as I can remember. Fortunately the bastard died a year after the factory tour.
Charlie's Bucket (November 9, 2018 11:16:09 pm)
Easy for you to say, you haven't had to endure his wrinkly, 96 and a half year old cock.
Rolled Darl (November 8, 2018 12:48:41 pm)
Fuck Grandpa Joe and all this lazy cunt stands for...
RaymondScoms (October 29, 2018 4:27:30 pm)
good! super!
Grandpa Joe (October 24, 2018 11:17:21 am)
I agree with all above comments.

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