industrial1 (adj)
1. Relating to, concerned with or suitable for industry.
Example: an industrial dispute
Example: industrial machinery
2. Used in industry.
Example: industrial labour
3. Said of a country, city, etc: having highly developed industry.
spy2 (noun)
1. Someone who is employed by a government or organization to gather information about political enemies, competitors, etc.
2. Someone who observes others in secret.


Based on the above, an industrial spy is a person who gathers information about the operations of an industry (for example, a chocolate factory) and sells it to a competitor. The collection of this information may be done in secret.

We believe there is sufficient evidence in the book and movie to demonstrate that Grandpa Joe has unusual knowledge of Wonka's operations. In addition there are certain incongruities between his alleged health and his apparent capabilities which lead us to believe his illness is a cover. Finally, there is his clear and irrefutable plan to sell Slugworth a gobstopper.

The Evidence

Grandpa Joe exhibits an impressive array of knowledge about Wonka's operations, particularly for a man who has been bedridden for 20 years.
Grandpa Joe steals a number of things in the factory, but the epitome of his evil ways is shown when he makes plans to sell Slugworth a gobstopper.
In the new movie, we see evidence of Grandpa Joe's guilt.

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