Needless to say any project like this is going to generate some questions. In the interest of saving you (and us) some time, we've complied a list of some of the most common questions and their answers).

The Questions


Why do you hate Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
We don't. We think if you read carefully you'll see that we've probably spent more time with the book and movie than 99% of the population. We love them. We just think that Grampa Joe is a ratbag industrial spy bastard
Answered by Oompa on October 23, 2004
Aren't you ashamed of yourselves for treating that late great Jack Albertson like this?
No. We believe that Jack did a great job of bringing Grampa Joe and his villainy to light. We think it may have been his finest performance ever and, in some ways, this site is a tribute to his skill in portraying the villain so subtly.
Answered by Oompa on October 23, 2004
Funny Site. I really hope you're not serious though.
Of course we're serious. Grampa Joe is a seriously bad person and it is incumbent on all of us as good citizens to make others aware of it. We wouldn't be surprised to discover that Grampa Joe is working for al Qaida (or Michael Jackson) these days.
Answered by Oompa on November 1, 2004
Why have you not investigated the sequel to the Chocolate Factory (only in book format) for further evidence of Grandpa's treachery?
Sadly, the sequel Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator focuses primarily on Wonka, whose evil is unquestioned. We do plan to add a few additional facts and observations from the second book.
Answered by Oompa on November 5, 2004
What can I, as a concerned citizen, do to stop the Grampa Joe menace?
We believe that awareness is the key. By doing your part to make others aware of Grandpa Joe's evil, you can help to undermine his influence.
Answered by Oompa on November 5, 2004
What about Wonka? Why haven't you addressed his role as (lunatic, pedophile, corruptor, madman, etc).
Judging by the number of times we have been asked this question there is no need to create a site to inform the public about Wonka's misdeeds. By and large, people are very aware of Wonka's idiosyncracies, but far fewer recognize the evil embodied by Grandpa Joe.
Answered by Oompa on November 13, 2004
How can grandpa joe, with his subtle villany, negativly influnce anyone?
The question contains the answer. Grandpa Joe is subtle in his villainy. He seems like a nice old man, the sort of person you'd want to have as role model for children.
But the truth, of course, is that he's a ratbag industrial spy bastard. He negatively influences us in several ways. First, direct exposure to the likes of Grandpa Joe leads Charlie to steal fizzy lifting drinks. Secondly, he extends the boundaries of acceptable behavior. After all, if that nice old Grandpa Joe does it, it can't be evil can it?
Answered by Oompa on January 5, 2005
Where do you find the time to waste on developing this site?
Waste? It would only be a waste if no one read it. This site has a critical mission - to spread the word about Grandpa Joe. It is never a waste of time to expose evil to the harsh light of justice.
Answered by Oompa on January 19, 2005


Have you seen the new movie? What did you think of it?
Oompa has seen it and was not entirely happy. There were a number of areas where it was more faithful to the book (which was a positive) but the changes to Wonka disturbed him greatly. In the end, Oompa thinks the 2005 movie was more faithful to the details while the 1971 movie was more faithful to the story.
Answered by Oompa on July 17, 2005

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