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The Books

This site only covers material presented in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There was, of course, a second book: Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. The book Pure Imagination is wonderful for anyone who would like to know more about the making of the movie, including some behind the scenes information. And, of course, Roald Dahl wrote many novels, several of which have also gone on to become movies as well.

Other Books by Roald Dahl

The Movie

The first link is to the Full Screen DVD, the second is to the Wide Screen version. The book "Pure Imagination" is a must for any fan of the movie. It includes great behind the scenes information on the movie.


Just in case you need something to snack on while you read or watch. With the departure of the word everlasting, you'll need more than one Gobstopper, the basket has an assortment of Wonka favorites, and the Wonka Bar is a case of pure chocolate heaven.

More Wonka Favorites

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