The Essay

Written by Peter Goff and submitted on November 7, 2004

Thank you for bringing out the truth about this monster! My name is Peter Goff. I went to school with Charlie. One day my mother asked me to pick up some letters for her at the post office. IT was a long ride, clear across town but it was a nice day so I was having fun.
I took a different route back, which went by Charlie’s house. I liked those roads because they were hilly and I could go really fast! I noticed Charlie walking down the street and so I stopped to say hello. Many of the other children were not nice to him. Some were downright mean. He asked if I wanted a drink since it had gotten quite warm so I followed him a few blocks to his house. We went inside.
I wasn’t too surprised about the condition of the house, I knew Charlie’s family was poor, but I was shocked by the bed in the middle of the living room with 4 old people in it. All but one was sleeping. As Charlie fetched the water he beckoned me. He patted the edge of the bed and I sat down. He smelled funny. That “old person” smell.
He introduced himself as Grandpa Joe. He then yelled for Charlie to go to the neighbor’s house to fetch him something whilst he and I chatted. Charlie looked at me and I should have seen the terror in his eyes.
What happened next I have only shared with counselors, clergy, and therapists. The police too, but they questioned whether the word of a young boy could convict an old, weak man. I’m not sure they even believed me. I cannot begin to speak of the atrocities this man committed against me, and I would not want you to know them, for you are happy, normal people, and my words would crush your spirit and make you question everything you have ever believed in.
It is only now, many years later, after the monsters death that I even feel safe discussing it. I applaud you efforts in exposing the real truth about this terrible, terrible man. I only wish a medium such as this existed back in those dark days. How many more had to suffer what I did? Please don’t let the naysayers stop you. What you are doing is just, right, and good! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Peter Goff

Our Thoughts

While we obviously can not vouch for the veracity of this claim it does sound uncannily similar to the ten-cent piece encounter described in the book or the hidden chocolate bar scene in the movie. In all three cases some of the key elements repeat, including Grandpa Joe's desire to be alone with a young boy and the seemingly comatose sleeping habits of his three bedmates.

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