knowledgable1 (noun)
1. Well-informed.





There can be no question that Grandpa Joe has a near encylopedic knowledge of Wonka and his creations. This is somewhat difficult to explain since he has supposedly been bed-ridden for twenty years. One could assume he learned things from the television, but then why wouldn't the rest of the family know?

The two give-aways are his intimate knowledge of the workings of firearms and the examination of the Golden ticket. It seems clear the other grandparents expect Grandpa Joe to be able to spot a forged Golden ticket. They evidently expect him to know the tell-tale signs of a forgery. Given what else we know of him, it seems likely that this knowledge comes not from a life-time in law enforcement, but from experience using and preparing forged documents.

Grandpa Joe's knowledge of which of Wonka's products have been stolen by which competitor is a sign that he is involved in the information game. He can use this information to determine which manufacturers might be interested in the things he learns.

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