Over time it has become clear to us that we are not the only ones who have a lot to say about this movie. We are collecting the best and most interesting ones and publishing them here, instead of in our guestbook1.

Additional Allegations

My Encounter with Grandpa Joe by Peter Goff
Peter tells us about his meeting with Grandpa Joe.
Added on November 7, 2004
Warning: Sexual Situations

Similar Viewpoints

You Left Out Addiction by Reed Hubbard
Reed points out a character flaw we missed.
Added on November 18, 2004
Warning: Contains minor drug references. Smoking.
My Thoughts by BeefTheTroll
Beef posted his thoughts about Grampa Joe on a message board some time ago. He was kind enough to share them with us for our essays section..
Added on November 5, 2004
Warning: Contains strong language.

Footnotes and Sources

  1. Yes, that should be taken as a hint

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