bastard1 (noun)
1. often offensive: A child born of parents not married to each other.
2a. coarse, slang: A term of abuse or sympathy for a man;
Example: What a rotten bastard!
Example: poor bastard!
2b. coarse, slang: A man generally; a chap.
Example: lucky bastard
3. coarse, slang: Something annoying or difficult.
Example: This wallpaper is a bastard to hang


In our analysis we took the colloquial meaning of a bastard as a person who is annoying or difficult. We focused on specific aspects of Grandpa Joe's behavior which make it clear he has little respect for others in his life.

The Evidence

As evidence of Grandpa Joe's bastardy, we offer the following:

Grandpa Joe demonstrates little empathy for the plight of his companions during the factory tour.
Grandpa Joe is eager to exact revenge on those whom he perceives to have wronged him.
There are numerous instances throughout the stories of Grandpa Joe putting his needs ahead of those of others.
Grandpa Joe is able to make jokes immediately following the mishaps of several of the children.

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